‘Aren’t you that girl that takes all those selfies?’ So many people still seem to think a self-portrait and a selfie are the same thing. A photo taken within a second, with your phone held in your stretched out arm, fake smile, no story, just showing the world your face. Oh don’t get me wrong – selfies are fine. I like to send them to my family or post one on Instagram if I am bored or at a nice place. But selfies are not self-portraits. It’s like comparing fastfood to a five-course menu that took you four hours to prepare. I don’t say one of the two is better per se, but one of the two involves a deeper thought, a lot of work and often a piece of your heart. A self-portrait almost always contains a concept, a story or an emotion the artist whats to share. It took more than a READ MORE
We meet them every day, they are part of our life but most of us probably don’t think about them a lot. Strangers -The people around us who we don’t know anything about. Humans of who we have no idea how they live their life or what they dream about or what they fear. Is it only me or do we all most often forget that they dream and fear too? Maybe it’s because I’m German (and we are know to rather not interact with others if we don’t have to) but it makes me so happy every time I see strangers starting to chat or to help each other. Like the young man sitting next to me on the train. He helped five people to put their luggage onto the shelfs high above them. Or those people in the queue at the supermarket who give a stranger a dollar READ MORE
Yes, I was thinking about starting a blog ages ago and talking about starting one since months but time flies by so fast. Well at least here I am now writing the first words of what will hopefully be the beginning of regular posts with insights, outtakes, series, thoughts, tips and trick, updates, travel-diaries and much more. Feel free to comment with what YOU would love to see and read about on here. Hopefully some of you are just as excited as I am 🙂 READ MORE